About Us

Who are we?

Office Master Chairs is a small business founded in Boulder, Colorado almost 15 years ago. It started off as an idea between two neighbors(and life long friends), that eventually grew and turned into a full fledged business. The idea was simple : How can we practically improve the the lives of the everyday working man and woman?

Heavy duty/Multi Shift Office chairs

Our Mission

The average person will spend about a third of their lives working. That's somewhere around 90,000 hours! Imagine you had to spend 90,000 hours sitting with your back slouched over, in an uncomfortable chair, desperately trying to make it through the day. Hard to imagine right? Unfortunately, that is the reality that we live in.

Office Master Chairs is dedicated to revolutionizing the way we percieve the work environment. Our aim is to make those 90,000 hours as enjoyable as possible so that all of us can have a happier and healthier work experience.

Why Office Master Chairs?

Here at Office Master Chairs, we make sure that we're supplying our customers with the very best product that we can. For over 10 years we have been working with OM Seating, a leader in manufacturing high quality, ergonomic office chairs. All of our chairs are totally customizable, from the type of fabric and color of the seat, down to the type of casters. Each chair is hand crafted to fit your exact need. Whether you are working in health care, schools, hi tech, or any other environments, Office Master Chairs has the perfect chair for you.