The Office Master Chair Adjustment Guide

Whether you spend your days sitting at a desk in front of a computer or shuffling from meeting to meeting, the importance of having a comfortable and properly-adjusted office chair simply cannot be understated. Adjusting your office chair is not only crucial for ensuring long-term comfort and health, but also for optimizing your productivity and performance in the workplace.

In this guide, we'll take a look at all the different ways you can adjust your Office Master chair to find the perfect setup for your needs. From adjusting the height of the seat and backrest, to fine-tuning the tilt and recline, there are plenty of options for achieving optimal comfort and support while you work.

Furthermore, we're going to break down some of the common Office Master features that your chair comes with so you'll have a better understanding of what each feature does and how to adjust it.

Whether you're looking for a way to stay more alert during marathon work sessions or simply want to avoid soreness and stiffness at your desk, read on to learn all the ways you can adjust your office chair like a pro!


The Different Parts of an Office Chair

Before understanding how to properly adjust your Office Master chair, it is important to get familiar with all of the different parts of the chair. This may seem trivial to some of you, but some of these terms can get a bit confusing. We want to make sure that when we refer to one of the parts of the chair later on in this blog, there won't be any confusion.

-Seat :

The seat is the part of the chair that you sit on, typically upholstered and adjustable in height. Adjusting the seat allows you to find a comfortable position that supports your lower back while also keeping your feet flat on the ground.


The backrest is the portion of the chair that supports your upper body, and is typically adjustable in both height and tilt. Adjusting the height and angle of the backrest can help to keep your spine aligned while you work, reducing discomfort and strain on your muscles.


 The armrests are the portion of the chair where you rest your arms, and are typically adjustable in both height and width. Adjusting the height and width of the armrests allows you to choose an optimal position for supporting your forearms while typing or using a mouse.


The casters are the wheels on the bottom of the office chair that allow it to glide across the floor. It is important to understand which type of casters you will need as each work environment requires different casters.


The cylinder is the part of the chair that houses the gas or hydraulic piston that allows you to adjust the height of your seat. Adjusting the height and tilt of your office chair's cylinder allows you to find a comfortable position that supports both your upper and lower body

Basic Adjustments for an Office Chair

There are a number of different adjustments that can be made to an office chair in order to achieve optimal comfort. The following is a list of the most common adjustments, that you will find in most of the chairs that Office Master has to offer. It's important to understand that at the end of the day each chair does have different adjustments and different ways to adjust each function.

Some of the more expensive chairs will allow for much more adjustments that are detailed below. For diagrams and more in depth explanations on chair adjustments by series, you can check out our adjustment library If you feel as though you still need help, you can feel free to contact us.

-Height Adjustment:

Office Master Pneumatic Lift


Adjusting the height of your seat is typically achieved using a gas or hydraulic cylinder, which can be found under the chair. To adjust the height of your seat, simply lift up on the lever and slide it up or down to raise or lower your seat.

The height adjustment is one of the most basic adjustments you can make, and you will find it on the vast majority of the chairs by Office Master. Generally you will see the adjustment being referred to as the "pneumatic lift". This adjustment allows you to control the overall height of chair.

-Backrest (Tilt) Adjustment:

    Office Master Tilting Seat Adjustment

Another common adjustment for most of the chairs by Office Master is the tilting backrest adjustment. Being able to change the tilt of your back rest means that you can control means you can control the amount of contact your back makes with the backrest. Generally the backrest tilting can be adjusted with a single lever.

-Seat (Slide) Adjustment:

    Office Master Sliding Seat Adjustment

This adjustment allows you to control the depth of your seat so that it can be better suited to the length of your legs. Depending on your height, you may want to lengthen or shorten the seat depth so that the appropriate amount of your legs will be supported.

-Back Height Adjustment:

Office Master Back Height Adjustment

Simply put, this adjustment will allow you to change the height of the backrest portion of your chair. Doing so will allow your back to receive more or less complete support from the backrest, and will also allow you to control where the lumbar support area will make contact on your back.

Office Master Ergonomic Features:

High quality chairs means high quality features. A lot of the chairs that Office Master manufactures come with additional ergonomic features beyond the basic adjustments. The following list will include some of those ergonomic features:

-Tension Knob:

Office Master Tension Knob Adjustment

The tension knob feature will adjust your chairs level of rocking motion resistance. By making this adjustment you can make limited changes to the level of resistance you will feel when reclining in the chair.

To increase the amount of resistance, simply rotate the tension knob under your chair counter-clockwise. If you wish to decrease the amount of resistance, simply rotate it clockwise. Keep in mind, several turns may be necessary before you begin to feel a change in the resistance.

-Rocking Tilt:

    Office Master Rocking Tilt Adjustment

Engaging with the Rocking Tilt feature will allow you to quite literally rock your chair back and forth as with rocking chairs. It's important to note, before you use your chairs rocking feature, make sure that you adjusted the tension level of your chair to properly counter-balance your body weight.

-Adjustable Lumbar Support:

    Office Master Adjustable Lumbar Support

This feature allows you to adjust the level of support you receive in your backs lumbar area (approximately the lower back). This adjustment is very important because this area typically bears a large portion of your body's weight.

This feature gives you control over how much the corresponding region of your chairs backrest will protrude. To increase the lumbar support turn the lumbar support knob forward, and to decrease the support turn the knob backwards(from the seated users perspective).

-Synchronous Tilting:

   Office Master Synchronous Seat and back tilt

This is a special feature that ties your chair's backrest and seat tilting motion together so that they can both move at the same time. Instead of moving in precise unison, the backrest changes angles faster than your seat's tilting angel does. This "synchronized" motion permits you to effectively stretch you back as you lean backwards in your chair.

To use this feature, pull the lever outwards to release the lock would normally restrict this motion. Once unlocked you will be able to recline in your chair until you lock the control again.

-Body Activated Motion:

    Office Master Body Activated Motion Adjustment

Body Activated Motion is one of the more impressive features that Office Master has to offer. This feature allows for the chair to be automatically adjusted based on the users weight and how he sits down on the chair. As you lean forward and backward the chair adjusts with you due to a self weighing mechanism. This feature is what made the Office Master OM5 one of the more popular Office Master chairs. See more for a full review on the Office Master OM5.


Understanding how to adjust your Office Master chair is absolutely crucial. After all, what good would these advanced ergonomic features do us if we can't even use them properly. A correctly adjusted ergonomic chair will lead to a more comfortable and healthier work experience.

Whether you are adjusting the tension knob, rocking tilt, lumbar support, or any of the other many advanced features available with Office Master chairs, make sure to follow these simple yet effective adjustment tips. If you feel like you need further assistance in understanding the adjustments of your chair check out our adjustment library. If you still need help, please do not hesitate to contact us at: officemasterchairs@estorescorp.com and we will do our best to get you sitting comfortably and correctly in your Office Master chair.


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