Chair Reviews: The Office Master PT78 Ergonomic Office Chair

office master pt78

Introduction to the PT78:

The Office Master PT78 ergonomic office chair is one of our best selling high back ergonomic office chair. It is definitely considered an iconic chair in the Office Master PT Series. With a full compliment of features that affords users the ability to adjust the chair to their comfort, the PT78 offers a compelling combination of adjustability and precision.

The Office Master PT78 ergonomic office chair is a great choice for those who are looking for a high back option that is both comfortable and stylish. It comes from the PT Value Line and is a reliable chair that was built to meet the demands of daily cross-performance use.

In this blog we will be going over some of the great features that make this chair unique, as well explain whether or not you should purchase one.

Some of the key features of the PT78 that we'll be covering are:

  • Adjustable Lumbar
  • Rocking Tilt
  • Tension Knob
  • Seat depth adjustment
  • EZ Back Adjustment

If you would like a further description on the adjustments on the PT78, you can check out our adjustment guide or our adjustment library You can find detailed diagrams and descriptions to almost all of the adjustments on the Office Master chairs.

Key Features of the Office Master PT78:

Adjustable Lumbar:

One of the key features on the Office Master PT78 is the adjustable lumbar. This adjustment allows you to control the amount of support you receive on your lower back. By rotating the adjustable lumbar knob on the side of your PT78, you can control how much of the backrest will protrude.

This adjustment is crucial for an ideal seating experience because your lower back carries a large portion of your body's weight.

To increase the amount of lumbar support (the protrusion of the back), simply rotate the knob forwards (from the seated users perspective). To decrease the amount of lumbar support, rotate the knob backwards.

Rocking Tilt:

This adjustment is fairly self explanatory. By lifting the rocking tilt lever on the bottom of your chair (click here for detailed diagram), you can enable the chair to rock back and forth. It's important to note:

Before you play around with the rocking tilt feature, you should make sure that you've adjusted the tension knob properly(we'll talk about this in the next paragraph). This is important as it will ensure that your chair will be properly counter-balanced to your body weight.

Tension Knob:

This adjustment goes hand in hand with the Rocking Tilt adjustment that was mentioned beforehand. The tension knob allows you to control the amount of resistance you feel while using the Rocking Tilt feature. It's important to achieve proper tension levels for the safe operation of your chair.

To use this feature you simply need to rotate the knob that is underneath your PT78 counter-clockwise (seated users perspective) to increase the resistance, and clockwise to decrease the amount of resistance. You may need to turn the knob several times in order to start feeling a difference.

Seat Depth Adjustment:

The seat depth adjustment feature on the Office Master PT78 is one of the most important features you can have in an ergonomic chair. You are essentially able to slide the seat back and forth to adjust the depth of the seat. Users with legs of different lengths need to be able to adjust their seat to best fit them. Depending on your height and leg length, you can either lengthen or shorten the seat depth so the appropriate amount of your legs will be supported.

EZ Back Adjustment

This is a fairly simple adjustment but nevertheless an important one. The EZ back height adjustment allows for 3" adjustment on the back of the PT78. If you are taller or shorter you may need to adjust this so that your back can be properly supported. 

Is the Office Master PT78 for you?

The Office Master PT78 is a great choice for those who are looking for a top quality, high back ergonomic chair. This chair is ideal for office work environments, and can be used both as a high end task chair, or even an executive chair. The high back gives a sense of power and control.

In regards to body type, because it is a high back chair, it is more suitable for average-large body types with a weight capacity of 300 lbs.

If you are not concerned about budget and want to invest in a high quality chair that will allow you the most precise adjustability, then the PT78 is the right chair for you.

On the other hand, if you are looking something that will fit your budget a bit more, or you have a more petite body type, then I would look into a more affordable chair. For example the Office Master PT62 is a bit cheaper and has a mid back so it will be more suitable for smaller users. It's also got some great features such as the extra low cylinder. This is perfect for shorter users that want to make sure their feet can stay flat on the ground while they sit down.


The Office Master PT78 is a great, high quality ergonomic chair that can be used as both an executive or task chair. It comes with many adjustable features such as lumbar support, rocking tilt, tension knob, seat depth adjustment, and much much more. We highly recommend this chair for anyone who is looking to take control over the adjustability of their chair.

For more questions on the PT78 or any other topic, feel free to contact us.