Chair Reviews: The Office Master OM5 Ergonomic Chair

Office Master OM5 Chair Banner Image

Introduction to the Office Master OM5 Chair:

Throughout the years, the Office Master OM5 chairs have without a doubt been one of our most popular chairs, and rightfully so. With a focus on simplicity along  with a sleek design, these chairs have stood out since day one. 

The OM5’s are suited for all work environments from general office work, to executive suites, and boardrooms. Some consider the Office Master OM5 to be a “modern classic”. The OM5 was designed by Francisco Romero of Phidesign, a furniture design studio which specializes in creative seating solutions. 


Office Master OM5 Models:

Regular Back Chairs:

Office Master OM5-B
*OM5-B Ergonomic Chair


The regular back office chair comes in two different models: the OM5-B and the OM5-G. The difference between these two models is the color of the chair. OM5-B is made of a black frame and the OM5-G is made of gray. The regular back chair is considered to be the traditional OM5 Chair. If you are looking for a solid chair that won't run your budget to high, this would be your best bet. Ideal for small/petite users up to 5'5". The Office Master OM5-B/G comes with a mid back and a standard seat.   

  • Overall Height - 37 - 42"
  • Overall Width - 27"
  • Carton Weight - 64 lbs
  • Weight Capacity -  300 lbs

Hybrid/Executive Chairs: 

  Office Master OM5-BEX Ergonomic Chair
*OM5-BEX Ergonomic Chair


The hybrid/executive chairs also are consisted of two models: The OM5-BEX and the OM5-GEX. Like the regular back OM5 chairs, these also come in black and gray, respectfully. These chairs have a slightly taller back and are intended for average height users, between 5'5" and 6'2".

  • Overall Height - 40 - 45"
  • Overall Width - 27"
  • Carton Weight - 67 lbs
  • Weight Capacity -  300 lbs

 Extra Tall Chairs:

Office Master OM5-BXT Ergonomic Chair
*OM5-BXT Ergonomic Chair

Finally we have the Extra Tall Back OM5 Chairs, which would be considered the premium model option for the Office Master OM5. These chairs would be most suitable for tall users, above 6'3". Not only is the back taller but the seat is almost 3" deeper, which allows taller users to get the proper support that they need. 

  • Overall Height - 40.5 - 45.5"
  • Overall Width - 28"
  • Carton Weight - 67 lbs
  • Weight Capacity -  300 lbs



Key Features of the OM5 Chair: 

1) Body Activated Motion

In order to stand out, rules must be broken. 

The Office Master OM5 is the perfect example of that. One of its key features is BAM(Body Activated Motion). Rather than the user adjusting the chair, the chair adjusts automatically to the user. 

The OM5 has a self-weighing mechanism that allows for users to simply sit down and the chair will adjust to the unique body type of each user. 

Except for the height adjustment lever, there are no knobs and levers on the OM5. Its self-adjusting mechanism automatically adjusts the seat pan and backrest to your comfort as you move backward and forward in the chair. How neat is that?

Body Activated Motion Office Master OM5 Chair

2) Variable Back Resistance: 

Another key feature on the Office Master OM5 Chairs is the Variable Back Resistance, which basically allows the chairs resistance to be dynamic based on how the user is sitting. 

When the user is sitting on the chair and is putting leverage on the upper part of the chair with their shoulders (also known as the mobility zone) without leaning his back into the chair, there will be less resistance, allowing the user to lean back freely. 

On the contrary, when the user is sitting with his back all the way into the OM5 and putting leverage on the lower part of the chair, the resistance on the back will increase and allow for a more firm sitting experience.  

    Variable Back Resistance Office Master OM5 Chair

Arm Options: 

Unlike other chairs, the Office Master OM5 chairs have arms that are designed to move in unison with the seat sliding forward, as the back reclines. 

This keeps the arms at a perfect distance from the work surface and allows for an optimal work experience. The 4.25” height adjustment range allows the user to position the arms for proper ergonomic use, or easily drop them down and out of the way when desired. 

The OM5 chairs come without any arms and you can add whichever arms you feel will fit your needs the best.                                                             


Getting the right support for your body is crucial in today’s working environments. People spend thousands of hours every year sitting at their office or in front of their computer with their back slouched over, unaware of what they are doing to their bodies. 

Here at Office Master Chairs, our main objective is to make the workplace environment a more healthy and enjoyable place to be. After all, people spend most of their lives working. The Office Master OM5 is our way of getting this done. Handcrafted to provide the optimal comfort and adjustability for each and every user, of all shapes and sizes, the Office Master OM5 chairs are truly a one of a kind ergonomic chair.

Purchase your Office Master OM5 chair today and stop doing damage to your body.